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Jim Thomas
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bronze art Welcoming Christ bronze Welcoming Christ Welcoming Christ was commissioned by Saint Mary Our Lady of the Lake Church at Lago Vista, Texas, to welcome parishioners to the church as they enter the parking area. The church wanted a 1.5 scale bronze that would be big enough to be seen from the approach road. The figure stands on a steep bluff upon a four foot tall by eight foot wide white limestone base which was carved with the church's sailboat logo surrounded by a garland of grape leaves.

The figure's arms are reaching out with palms open in a welcoming gesture as contrasted to the raised arms posture of the classical Risen Christ. Gracing the entrance to the church and overlooking the vast Juniper and Live Oak forested valley of the Colorado River and the blue waters of Lake Travis, the landscaped meditation grotto provides a peaceful place to watch the lake below.